Sunday, November 23, 2008

Victory Garden Update - November

Victory Garden Update - nearly Thanksgiving


When I first started this victory garden project I was motivated from a couple of angles: 

1. I'm learning about choices. I am not what you'd call a environmental zealot. In fact, I argue that the global warming scare is just that: a hyped up over reaction to nebulous data being spewed out by man made computer models. Watch for cooler temps as the sun settles down for a quiet spell and you'll see what I mean. Besides all that, let's say the earth's climate did warm up a bit. Would fresh produce from Siberia be all that terrible? Colder temps are tougher on humanity than warmer temps so maybe a little warmer ain't so bad.  

But I digress. Even though I'm no climate zealot that doesn't mean I don't recognize the importance of being a good steward of our planet and our local resources. I'm experimenting to see how much effort it will take to harvest home grown food. Home grown food reduces lots of overhead items such as trucking tomatoes over a thousand miles. We need to choose more sensibly. A garden, for those who can do it, is a choice of good stewardship. 

2. Back when I launched this horticultural experiment I had an inkling that the house of cards we call an economy was at risk of having its table bumped. I didn't have a clue that it would be caving in before my first harvest or I would have started sooner! I'm glad we started when we did because I know a little more about what it will take if the economy goes further down the toilet. I don't anticipate another long and deep depression like we had in the 30's because I think. . . well, hope. . . that we're smart enough not to try to fix the economy with socialism like FDR did. Wait a minute. . . President Obama may try to spring another new deal on us so guess I had better start breaking ground on the next plot of ground!

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