Friday, September 4, 2009

Average American re: Ruling Class

In response to Boehner's letter to Charlie Rangle a commenter calling him/herself "Average American" offered this:

"It seems to me (average American) that there is a political ruling class in this country. People like Rep. Charles Rangel(D)NY have a separate set of rules that apply only to them.

Rep. Charles B. Rangel(D-NY) as chairman of Ways and Means Committee Mr. Rangel helps set tax policy. If anyone should know these laws one would think it should be Mr. Rangel.

When this average American sees our lawmakers break their own laws and are not held to the same standards one can only assume there are two sets of laws.

Mr. Rangel show the American people that there is only one set of laws. Resign your committee chairs, pay your back taxes along with the appropriate penalties and interest.


Average American"

In this particular instance, Rangle is on the "D" side but there are plenty of instances where "R's" were in the wrong as well. It is important to note the theme of abuse of power. The more power we place in the hands of our government, the more it will be abused. I did not say "might" I said "will" because it is a fact just as well known as gravity. Our constitutional form of government is designed to limit power, not to consolidate it. Keep that in mind the next time you attempt to turn more of your responsibilities over to government control.


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