Thursday, November 5, 2009

Victory Garden Update II

Victory Garden Update II

We're gonna starve.

Yep, that's the prognosis. Getting a suburban garden to produce a meaningful amount of grub is just plain daunting. Perhaps it would be different without work, soccer, school and every other distraction you can imagine ('09 will go down as our worst year for distractions, that's for sure).

This is not to say that the garden isn't valuable. This experiment is an excellent way to observe how lifestyle choices affect our economy and ecology. Rather than get my hands dirty in the soil, I pursue other, more profitable work. This is the division of labor which Adam Smith refers to. But if the economic bubble bursts, our household will face a transition to different sorts of work, part of which will include more gardening. It's unrealistic to think that the garden would be enough but if the distribution system is struggling, it's very likely that a garden's return on investment will be significant.

I just hope the distribution system doesn't break too badly!

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