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Patrick Petrie posted these photos on his Facebook Page. He has given me permission to share these impressions so that we can spread the message beyond the world of FB. 

First, a little background: "The Road To Serfdom" was published in 1944 by Friedrich Von Hayek. He was explaining how collectivism leads to tyranny. In his time, he used Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia as examples. In our time, we have the United Nations and our own leftist thinking political leaders as examples. In the lead photo, you'll see that it refers to "Obamaville" but make no mistake: Obama is not smart enough or capable enough to lead us down the road to serfdom. We willingly walk that path when we continue to elect leaders based upon what they will do for us, how they will milk the government on our behalf. Healthcare is on the front burner right now -- healthcare based upon the premise of "please take care of me because I don't want the responsibility." 

We, the people, spend billions on entertainment yet we, the people, expect someone else to take care of our health. Someone else should pick up the tab when we borrow too much. Someone else needs to take care of our aging parents. And government, being staffed by helpful bureaucrats, is more than happy to oblige. You see, we ALL want to feel needed so when someone gets elected to office, they love to find needs that they can take care of. We ALL like to shun responsibility so our government just naturally gravitates towards collectivism. But, as Margaret Thatcher said: The problem with socialism is that sooner or later they run out of other people's money. 

But don't take my word for it -- here's a synopsis of TRTS which was originally commissioned in Detroit and published in Life Magazine. After looking over these photos, ponder the road we're on. This tent city is merely a mile marker on our road to serfdom. 

This is actually the second banner, the first, as well as the second, were removed by an unseen Obamacrat. The maker of the sign claims the original was commissioned by an individual who donates frequently to orgs. that benefit the homeless. The second was made at no cost. This pic was taken from the website ofKRDO Newschannel13 (Colorado Springs, Southern Colorado)

They do their best to feel at home. People in the community have done what they can for these people, bringing them clothes, non-perishable foods, firewood and even a few prepaid cellphones. Being a liberal community, these people have been highly criticized, yet they keep their camp clean. 

Having nothing with which to build a safe shelter in the open, many resort to staying under this bridge, heavily traveled day and night.

Notice the billboard...yes, there are many children in these 3 camps. I also draw your attention to the American flag just to the right of the billboard.

Photos and captions from the album:
"Obamaville" by Patrick Petrie

Here's the punch line: If you look over these photos and find yourself saying "Somebody needs to do something about this" then congratulations. You're on the road to serfdom. "Somebody" usually means "Some government agency" which means more planning, more control, more erosion of freedom. 

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